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Personal Distance Tracker

How do I set up my new Personal Distance Tracker Goal in my Participant Centre and how do I update it?

Once logged in to your participant centre (steps to login below), click on the "Profile" tab. Next, click on "Distance Tracker" located in the menu on the right hand side of the screentab. Set your total distance goal in kilometres. Then, enter your total distance reached in kilometres to date (update regularly). Note: the distance tracker will not automatically calculate any updates, you will need to manually tabulate your new total. Meaning, if you were at 10km, and you walked an additional 5km today, your new entry update is 15km.

 How to Log into your Participant Centre

  •      Visit
  •      Click “login” in the top menu.
  •      Enter your username and password
  •      Click “login”
  •      Select the event you are participating in.

Note: If you’re already logged in when you visit, a link for “My Participant Centre” will show in the top menu instead of “Login”.

Click here to watch the video on how to update your distance challenge in your Participant Centre.

How do I track my distance goal and set up my challenge?

The options for creating your own personal challenge are endless!

Please remember , the new Personal Distance Tracker is an optional feature. Whether you’re walking, running, or rolling, the important thing is to stay positive, active and keep moving forward! We’ll be with you every step of the way no matter how far you decide to go.

 How to set up your Personal Distance Tracker challenge:

a.    Set a personal distance goal for yourself before you register for your Multiple Myeloma March. It could be 5km, 50km, 500km…you decide what works for you!

b.    Register at with one of the participating communities. (No March in your area? No problem! Register for the Virtual Multiple Myeloma March option here).

c.    Track your progress over the spring and summer using your favourite fitness tracker (smartphone, smartwatch, fitbit etc).

d.    Log on to your Multiple Myeloma March Participant Centre and update your progress by using the new personalized distance feature. See question 4 to learn how.

e.    Motivate your network to sponsor you. Whether reaching out to your network via the Participant Centre or by email for donations, get creative with your fundraising by tying it to your distance goal: pledge $X/km, ask your supporters to donate $X for every milestone reached, or challenge yourself to match the #km’s walked to the amount of $ donated… the ideas are endless.