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Four years ago, I lost my partner to this terrible blood cancer called myeloma. While you may not know me, you may have heard of him. His name was Aldo Del Col and he was the co-founder of Myeloma Canada. 

This coming year, Aldo would have been 70. He lived with myeloma for 17 years.

Turn my $100,000 into $200,000

Please join me. Help get us closer to finding a cure so that others can be spared the tragic loss that I and thousands of others have had to endure.

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When Aldo was diagnosed, treatment options were extremely limited and there was no Canadian organization to turn to for information or support. In his immortal words, “I vividly recall that day in 2002 when I was told that I had an incurable disease I had never heard of and that I had three to five years to live. I remember being overwhelmed by feelings of fear, panic, dread, terror but above all a feeling of aloneness.

Aldo was determined to spur further research into finding a cure. He was driven to closing the gap of ’typical’ clinical research and move toward more patient-centric drug development. And of course, Aldo was committed to making sure that no Canadian ever had to feel alone in their journey the way he initially did.

Every day, Myeloma Canada is working toward realizing Aldo’s goals. A cure has never been closer. But they can’t do it without us. They need our support and generosity.

Your support today will improve someone’s tomorrow.

Over the past 2 decades since Aldo’s diagnosis, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible advances in myeloma diagnostics and treatment therapies. To bring these over the finish line and find a cure, we need you.

Help turn $100,000 into $200,000 for every Canadian living with this 2nd most common, and as of yet, incurable blood cancer.

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Help us achieve our goal of raising $200,000 in Aldo’s honour, and in honour of every Canadian touched by myeloma…past, present, and future.