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Myeloma Advocacy Program


Myeloma Canada is asking you to bring the public’s attention to myeloma by sending a letter to editors and health ministry representatives across the country.

By participating in our advocacy campaign and helping us make March “Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month,” you will help improve the quality and length of life for people living with this incurable blood cancer.

Through raising Canadians’ awareness for multiple myeloma, we can educate them on the early warning signs of the disease, and open the door to dialogue with the medical community and government authorities for equitable access to healthcare services, innovative therapies, and clinical research.

Our volunteers already called on all levels of government across our vast country to officially proclaim March 2022 as “Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month.” Many jurisdictions in Canada, the United States and around the world have already done it.

Click here to send a letter to editors and health ministry representatives in your area.