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Myeloma Canada Impact Report


Myeloma Canada is committed to supporting prioritized, clinically relevant research projects that correspond to, and further, our mission. Projects in which we invest identify and address knowledge gaps in the diagnosis, treatment and science of myeloma and related plasma cell disorders, with the goal of improving quality of life and ultimately, finding a cure.

While some projects may be conducted regionally, the research impact must benefit the national, or international, myeloma community.

As a grassroots organization, our research investment principles are anchored in the core values that support the priorities identified by our myeloma community. As such, they must satisfy one or more of the following principles:

  1. have a direct impact on improving quality of life and/or survival,
  2. have a direct impact on increasing access to new therapies, new treatment combinations,
  3. or improved treatment administration, contribute to health systems improvements for people with myeloma, or a related plasma cell disorder.

2022 Impact Report: Your 2022 footprint on Canadian myeloma research and scientific advancements

11 a day. 77 a week. 330 a month. 4,015 a year. That’s how many Canadians were diagnosed with myeloma in 2022 as reported by the Canadian Cancer Society, and the number is rising steadily.

Through your generosity and support, in 2022 alone, we were able to invest over $1.244 million dollars in research and scientific advancements to improve diagnosis, enhance quality of life and to support the quest for a cure. 

The progress is real. Lives are improving. The cure is getting closer. Because of you.

Download the 2022 Impact Report


2021 Impact Report: YOUR Power. Your IMPACT.

Myeloma research is advancing, and fast. The past two years have been exciting ones for myeloma innovation in Canada, and thanks to your generous investments, Myeloma Canada continues to be a catalyst to it all.

Your contributions have enabled us to invest over 1.2 million dollars in many important research initiatives, all right here in Canada! Your power is making its mark on an international scale and turning heads of the global research community.

Download the 2021 Impact Report