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2023 Multiple Myeloma March Research Fund-Sharing Partnership Program

To recognize the 15th year anniversary of the Multiple Myeloma March (MMM), Myeloma Canada has initiated a special MMM Research Fund-sharing Partnership Program.

Program applicants can qualify to partner with Myeloma Canada on their nearest MMM and be awarded a research grant of up to 50% of the net MMM proceeds. 

Applicants must be a charitable organization that is associated with a Canadian myeloma treatment centre or university that conducts myeloma research (i.e., hospital foundation; university foundation). Applicants must work with at least one myeloma researcher to prioritize and agree upon the project(s) or research-related initiative(s) that will be submitted within the application. Multiple applications per MMM may be submitted by the same applicant (revised March 29). Only one (1) research grant (for one or more projects) will be awarded per MMM. 

All submitted projects or initiatives within applications must be: 

  • for one year of funding;  
  • initiated in Q1 2024; 
  • conducted and/or supervised by at least one myeloma researcher, at any career stage, that is affiliated with a Canadian university, hospital, cancer centre, or research institute. The research may include collaborations with affiliated myeloma researchers outside Canada; however, awarded research grant funds may not be used to fund patient research outside Canada.