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15 Years of Making Myeloma Matter

We’re thrilled to launch our 1st corporate video, “15 Years of Making Myeloma Matter”. What Aldo and John created has since evolved into a leading, internationally respected, organization. In their honour, and in honour of the thousands of Canadians living with this 2nd most common form of blood cancer, we will continue to empower every Canadian touched by myeloma until a cure is found.

When we started planning for our 15th anniversary year, we felt strongly about celebrating this exciting milestone and sharing it with you, our myeloma community – you’re the reason why we get stronger every year. We wanted to highlight how far Myeloma Canada has come since our founding, how from not having a national organization dedicated specifically to myeloma, two determined men living with myeloma – Aldo Del Col and John Lemieux – came together to create this wonderful organization that I am so proud to be a part of.

I’d also like to extend my appreciation and thanks to all who shared their thoughts, reflections, memories of, and wishes for, Myeloma Canada in the video.

Executive Director

Martine Elias

I just watched the new video!! What a great job you all have done!! It’s so great to hear the story of Myeloma Canada and have doctors weighing in and singing praises too!! You must feel so proud of what has been accomplished over the past 15 years! Myeloma Canada has been a tremendous source of encouragement and education for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Thanks for the work you continue to do to take us all to the next level! You are an amazing advocate and you work tirelessly it seems! Thank you so much for all you do! You have an incredible team to work with and I appreciate everyone at Myeloma Canada! I’m so proud of this organization and glad to have my little part to play over here in BC with my little support group in Prince George.  So great video and as always I’m grateful for you and the work you do that supports people like me!

Patient and leader of the Northern BC Multiple Myeloma Support Group

Cyndi Logan, Prince Georges, BC