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5-Year Strategic Plan

Building tomorrow, today. Making Myeloma Matter
Myeloma Canada’s strategic plan: 2023 - 2027

Myeloma Canada’s 5-year strategic directions plan not only addresses our vision for Myeloma Canada but for myeloma in Canada as well.

In order to create our 5-year plan, we needed to understand where we were yesterday, where we are today, and more importantly, where we want to be tomorrow. We did a full evaluation and analysis of our values and mission statement, our direction, goals and objectives to make sure they were aligned and representative of who and where we want to be by 2027 for our community and as an organization. 

Myeloma Canada’s continued leadership and work on behalf of the broader myeloma community is focused on 4 strategic goals.  Each of the goals has people living with myeloma at the heart of what we do:

1. No one left behind – Meet the needs of the Canadian myeloma community

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of Canadians living with myeloma—and their families—by becoming their trusted resource. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest.

2. Mobilize and empower – Bring on meaningful change to improve treatment and care

We will work tirelessly to ensure accelerated access to new and existing treatments and advocate for the best care.

3. Invest in science and research – Ensure the research that matters most to Canadians living with myeloma gets done

We will deliver on our research strategy to improve patient outcomes and overall well-being

4. Bring out the best in our people – Invest in our team to better support our community

We will invest in our people, including our volunteers, to better support our diverse community and become a high-performing and sustainable organization.

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