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Managing the Side Effects

Your loved one’s healthcare team will monitor treatment side effects and suggest strategies to manage them. Don’t hesitate to fill them in by reporting any and all side effects experienced by your loved one, even if you feel they're minor or if they only occured once. Keeping track of all side effects in a journal or on the Myeloma Monitor can support you and help you navigate issues with the healthcare team.

Go to the Hospital Emergency Room :

  • Any major changes in vital signs
  • Temperature higher than 38.0°C for more than an hour
  • Chest pain and/or trouble breathing
  • More than three liquid stools per day
  • Severe nausea or vomiting

Coping with “Roid Rage”

Steroids can bring on various changes in mood and have also been linked to aggression in certain people. Ask your loved one to give you a “heads-up” when they take their steroids. You may both discuss steroid dosing schedules with their healthcare provider as there may be some solutions that can help your loved one better manage the negative effects