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Accepting Your Feelings

It's common to experience an array of emotions given your specific and unique situation: hopeful one minute, despondent the next. It’s all normal and expected. The very word “cancer” strikes fear in many people’s hearts. When you first hear the diagnosis, your mind may race ahead of you, imagining worst-case scenarios. Remind yourself to take things one day at a time. Each day will bring new learnings, skills and coping strategies.

Your Loved One’s Feelings and Needs

Your loved one might find it difficult to have to depend on you; they may also worry about being too much of a burden on you. Conversely, you may sometimes feel that you’re being overbearing, or not helping enough.

Talk to and work with your loved one to find a balance that enables you to both have control over your own lives. Keep communicating on a regular basis because both your needs might change. You're a team and in this together – remember to keep an open dialogue for discussion.

To help your loved one feel better about being cared for, allow them to maintain their independence whenever possible.