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Friday, November 25 2016

Myeloma Matter: November 2016

  • Myeloma Canada Welcomes Angelina Mavrodieva to the Team
  • Myeloma Canada Expands its Board of Directors
  • Myeloma Canada is Pleased to Announce Revlimid® as First-Line Treatment for Non-Transplant Eligible Myeloma Patients Now Funded in Alberta and Aaskatchewan
  • Giving the Gift of Hope this Holiday Season
  • A Day in the Life of a Myeloma Patient
  • See What's Happening in Our Community
  • Myeloma Canada's Inaugural Casino Night in Partnership with the Oana Family
  • The Myeloma Canada Marion State Memorial Nursing Award is Presented to Tiziana Vadacchino
  • Members of the Myeloma Canada Research Network (MCRN) Invited to Present at the Prestigious American Society of Hematology (ASH) Meeting in San Diego
  • Debbie's Tips: Navigating the Health Care System