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About Myeloma Canada

Myeloma Canada is the only national non- profit organization uniquely devoted to the Canadian myeloma community. Founded in 2005 by two myeloma patients, Myeloma Canada is a patient-driven, patient-focused, grassroots organization, whose goals are to:

  • Provide educational resources and support to patients, families and caregivers
  • Increase awareness of the disease and its effects on the lives of patients and families
  • Facilitate access to new therapies, treatment options and health care resources
  • Promote clinical research and access to new drug trials in Canada

Our Commitment

By making myeloma matter and unifying and strengthening the voice of the Canadian myeloma community, Myeloma Canada is putting myeloma on the map.

How Myeloma Canada Makes Myeloma Matter

  • Facilitating grassroots patient outreach across the country
  • Advancing research through a unique national clinical research program bringing Canadian-designed trials to patients from coast to coast
  • Initiating and supporting the only comprehensive national myeloma patient database
  • Providing multi-platform educational resources and learning programs
  • Sharing the patient perspective to influence recommendations and reimbursement decisions of myeloma treatments by health technology agencies (pCODR and INESSS) and provincial payers
  • Organizing community engagement events and national fundraisers
  • Initiating advocacy programs to facilitate access to new therapies
  • Ensuring health policy makers, regulatory bodies and payers are educated about myeloma
  • Promoting general disease awareness
  • Collaborating with key academic and industry research partners